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MOPSMAP package download

Package version v1.0 is provided at

Fortran source code download: mopsmap_program_v1.0.tar.gz

Single particle data set download (~30GB download, ~43GB on disk):

MOPSMAP program installation

The program uses features up to Fortran 2008. It was tested with the GNU Fortran compiler version 6.3 and requires in addition the netcdf developer library for Fortran. Under Debian or Ubuntu, 'sudo apt-get install gfortran libnetcdff-dev make' should be sufficient to meet these requirements.

The following steps are required to compile and run the program:

Now you should be able to start MOPSMAP with an input file by typing the command 'PATH/mopsmap input_file.txt' where PATH needs to be replaced by the path to the 'mopsmap' directory, where the executable 'mopsmap' is located. In the input file you may need to add a line 'scatlib 'PATH/optical_dataset'' so that the program knows where the data set is located.

There are several examples provided in the directory 'misc' of the program, including examples from the MOPSMAP paper published at GMD. Consult the MOPSMAP user guide for details about the input and the output of the Fortran program.

Publications or other works using MOPSMAP results are requested to include the following citation: Gasteiger, J. and Wiegner, M.: MOPSMAP v1.0: a versatile tool for the modeling of aerosol optical properties, Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 2739-2762,, 2018. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration whether publications cited in the MOPSMAP paper need to be cited as well.